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We’re always on the lookout for new members, men, ladies, young and not so young. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or an old hand. We welcome golfers to become new members of the Mudgee Golf Club and enjoy the friendship & competition the club provides.

To apply for membership, download the application form by clicking on the button to the right and return it to the Club.

Junior Golf

Do you want to learn how to play golf?

For further information about being part of Mudgee’s Junior Golf Development Program please contact Mudgee Golf Professional Peter Mayson or Junior Co-ordinator 6372-1811.

Mission Statement

Mudgee Golf Club and Mudgee Golf Professional Shop are committed to promoting the development of junior players and offering the game of golf to as many children in the local and surrounding communities. From 5yrs-17yrs juniors can be taught the fundamentals of a sport they can play for a lifetime.

First National Mudgee Junior Golf Classic

  • This event is open to all golfers up to the age of 18 years
  • There will be 18 hole, 10 hole and 7 hole events.
  • No handicap is required for minor events.
  • Tee off from 9 am. Entries accepted on the day.
  • Entry fee $ 20 for 18 holes – $ 10 for 10 hole and 7 hole events (includes lunch and drink for all players)
  • Enquiries and entry please phone Mudgee Golf Pro Shop – 6372 2686 or e-mail


Our experienced junior coaching team headed by Golf Professional Peter Mayson and Instructor Fabian Wright conduct Junior Development Clinics for girls and boys every Tuesday from 4.15pm and once a month on a Sunday from 10.00am-12.00pm.

These clinics are geared for all standards –two groups. Birdies and Eagles start in our roll up Tuesday clinic and once basic skills are acquired move onto the MYGOLF 8 week prepaid Program working through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

Workshops are held during School Holidays. Juniors also have the opportunity for individual tuition through the Club’s Professional, Peter Mayson.

Junior Membership

To cater for all children/juniors in the program, Mudgee Golf Club and Mudgee Golf Professional Shop have the following categories of sub junior and junior membership:

  • BIRDIES –Juniors 5-9yrs
  • EAGLES – Juniors over 10yrs
  • JUNIORS – Junior Playing Member (M.G.C) 12yrs-17yrs(Boys who can play to a 36 G.A. handicap-Girls 45 h/c)

All Juniors are bound by the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws and are on a six week probationary period. Mudgee’s Junior Golf Development Program has adopted the guidelines issued by Golf Australia for Junior Coaching Delivery. The benefits and information about membership/annual subscriptions can be obtained from the Club’s Office/ Pro Shop or by telephone 6372 1811.

Juniors are encouraged to join the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation (free of charge at

Junior Competition

Note that ‘Birdies’ need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian to play. All Junior members are able to play on the course for $2, at suitable times, (adult supervision is required for the ‘Eagles/Birdies’) and Juniors with an 18 hole handicap are able to play in the members competition on a Saturday (and through the week during school holidays). Refer to Junior Competition Program Calendar for events, dates and times.

Junior Tournaments

Once a junior reaches a competent level of playing golf there is the opportunity to represent themselves and the club at other tournaments. At least three major junior tournaments will be nominated by Mudgee Golf Club through the year in which there will be a Mudgee Junior Coordinator present, transport organized, and a squad development group selected from those juniors keen to participate.

Golf Scholarships

As part of the Club’s commitment to junior golf, one year golfing scholarships will be awarded to selected juniors at various times. In addition to their golfing ability, juniors will be assessed on their commitment level to the junior program, attendance record, eagerness to learn, demonstration of good behavior and respect for golf etiquette.

Each scholarship holder will receive:

  • Free membership to Mudgee Golf Club for one year
  • An advanced coaching program, conducted by Peter Mayson, Mudgee’s Golf Professional during the year
  • Assistance with Junior Tournament entry expenses together with other inducements


On joining as a member of the Mudgee Junior Golf Development Program juniors are issued with a playing cap, which we would like the junior to wear during clinics and tournaments. Junior shirts can be purchased through the Pro Shop. New and second hand clubs are available for all juniors and the Pro Shop has a “Buy Back” arrangement for juniors.

Development Program


In order to have a pathway for Juniors to develop at their own pace whilst at the same time provide them with the challenges and skills necessary to achieve their full potential Mudgee Golf Club in conjunction with Mudgee Golf Professional Shop provide two levels of Sub Junior Membership as well as M.G.C. Junior Membership.

Please note that juniors are not restricted by their age in order to move through levels if they reach required skill development and if junior has had no previous golf experience they will enter at the Birdie level for instructional purposes.

Birdies - Sub Junior
  • 9yrs and Under
  • Activities centre on the Jack Newton Junior Golf basic ‘MYGOLF’ program which combines learning with having fun. Instructor, Fabien Wright
  • Players are taught the golf basics, rules & etiquette as well as game familiarization
  • Able to play on the course in junior fortnightly competition and socially, at suitable times (must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst on the course). Green Fees $2
  • Motto is ‘Have A Go’
Eagles - Sub Junior
  • 10yrs and Over
  • Activities centre on Golf Australia’s MYGOLF-National Skills Challenge and Awards Program. Coaching clinics with Golfing Professional, Peter Mayson. All facets of the game are introduced and developed – full swing, chipping/putting, rules & etiquette, course strategy as well as game familiarization. Juniors move through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels
  • Able to play on the course in junior competition and receive a modified 10 hole H/C. Socially, at suitable times (must be accompanied by an adult). Green Fees $2
  • Motto is ‘Let’s Get Into Golf’
  • Junior Playing Membership of M.G.C
  • 12 yrs and Over (or able to play to a 36 H/C boys, 45 H/C girls)
  • Aimed at players who hold a G.A. Handicap
  • Activities centre on Squad development and individual tuition with Golfing Professional, Peter Mayson. Technique, skill testing and game familiarization are covered in more detail and the Junior Golfer gains a better understanding of the ‘Improvement Process’ – goal setting, mental & emotional management, golf fitness, game analysis and tournament preparation’
  • Juniors can play in Junior fortnightly competition as well as members/ associates competition and are encouraged to play in JNJGF and other junior tournaments away from their own club. Green Fees $2
  • Motto is ‘Let’s Make It Happen’



Open to all Juniors, Eagles and Birdies of Mudgee’s Junior Golf Development Program & Visitors.

PLEASE NOTE –‘Birdies’ need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian to play in competition or make arrangements with Junior Coordinator prior to competition.

Unless stated otherwise Junior Competitions will be $5. Sausage Sizzle is provided by the Mudgee Lady Golfers and everyone has the chance to win a prize.

Please observe the following:

  • Hat and Sunscreen during summer period (a must!)
  • You are required to have ample water or fluids with you
  • Dress rules must be observed – collared shirt (tucked in), appropriate shorts/trousers/skirt, shoes and socks (No football attire or tracksuits)
  • You must ensure you comply with the basic rules of courtesy and etiquette regarding the putting green and practice areas and whilst you are on the course. Access to the main golf course will be at the discretion of the organizers
  • One set of clubs per player
  • In the case of rain please ring the Pro shop to confirm – 6372 1811.

  • Summary

    With the above in mind, we look forward to a successful Junior Competition Program and seeing you develop and enjoy this great game of golf. Many thanks to all the parents/members who assist with this program.

    Juniors and Eagles will play a 10-hole competition, Birdies will play a modified 6 hole Competition. Modified handicaps will be issued after junior participates in first competition.

    Note: Mudgee’s Junior Golf Development Program has adopted Golf Australia and JNJG Guidelines for Junior Coaching and Delivery - please refer to their websites for further details:

    Ladies Golf



    • President | Trish Jones
    • Vice-President | Nam Slade
    • Hon. Secretary | Carol Broadley
    • Treasurer | Ann Burgess
    • Captain | Cate Bull
    • Vice Captain | Marcia Box
    • Handicap Manager | Merrie LLewelyn
    • Committee | Lynelle Howland, Birgit Smith, Sharon Liptrott

    Veterans Golf

    VETS COMMITTEE 2019-20


    • President | Jeff Williamson
    • Secretary | Barry Hadaway
    • Treasurer | John Farkas
    • Captain | Trish Jones
    • Week of Golf Director | David Haplin
    • Committee | Bob Colley, Alex Nicholson, Jim Read, Lynelle Howland, Chris Bellhouse

    Upcoming Events

    Mudgee Veterans competition events are played on the first and third Tuesday of each month except when major full-week club events would coincide.

    Bill Vesty Trophy

    The Bill Vesty Trophy was established to encourage Mudgee Veteran Golfers to participate in the Mudgee VETS Golf Programme and in events held at golf clubs in surrounding towns.

    It is designed to promote comradeship amongst our VETS, provide variety of golfing environments and friendly competition.

    You gain points by attending an event on the Programme. If you win the event, you get three points and two if you come second. At the end of the year the person with the highest number of points wins the trophy and his/her name is engraved on a shield on the trophy.

    Would you like to join Mudgee Vet Golfers? Email us now

    AGM of the Mudgee Veteran Golfers Association

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  • Vets AGM Minutes and Attachments